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Akyra Buffalo horns

Buffalo horns

Buffalo horns are like deer antlers a very hard and durable snack for your dog. They are completely natural and provide long chewing pleasure. A buffalo horn is as durable or even longer than a deer antler. By chewing the buffalo horn gives something more odor than a deer antler. Always choose the correct size for your dog. Always keep control over your dog while he is chewing and make sure that your dog does not try to bite the horn in two. Throw away small pieces. Warning: not suitable for puppies, dogs with existing bad teeth or elderly dogs. Please note these can stain carpets.


100% buffalo horns

Analytical constituents

81.5% crude protein, 3% crude fat, 3.5% crude ash, 6.5% crude fiber, 7% moisture




Akyra Buffalo horns is available in these sizes:

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