Akyra is a fresh new brand with a wide range of natural dried snacks for dogs and cats, available at specialized retailers.

Snacks for carnivores

For the composition of our range, we departed from the natural nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Our pets are in fact naturally carnivores, but they are unfortunately still barely fed as carnivores. The meal of the average house dog or cat that eats kibbles, today consists for the most part of cereals and other vegetable ingredients. That's a shame because a dog or cat's body is basically not made to handle this type of ingredients.

That is why we completely ruled out vegetable ingredients in the range of Akyra. Our products consist of 100% dried animal "parts". This may range from a chicken feet to a whole beef windpipe. All of these snacks are carefully air dried at a low temperature so that they retain as much nutritional value as possible, but still have a long shelf life at room temperature. In this production process we will never add flavoring agents, preservatives or fillers.


We have a range of very different species and that makes our snacks also perfectly suitable for animals with allergies or intolerances for certain foods or animal protein.

Many of our products are therefore hypoallergenic. This means that they basically contain an animal protein which, dogs and cats that eat an average food, don't or hardly receive. That's why the chance of an allergy for such an animal protein is very small. For example, horse, rabbit, deer or even camel.

Good for the teeth

Because our products entirely consist of animal ingredients, they are also perfect to keep your pet's teeth in top condition. Daily chewing on a tough chew works equally well as cleaning with a toothbrush, but is obviously much more fun for your dog or cat.

Especially a dog naturally has a strong need to chew. This activity is both healthy for the body and mind because during chewing endorphins are released which provide a happy and satisfied feeling.

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