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Training treats buffalo

Training treats buffalo

Delicious treats made from air-dried buffalo, this is a tasty and responsibly reward for your dog or cat. The raw materials and production are exclusively European. This training crispy treats are made from 98% pure buffalo meat, no organ meat or offal. 1.5% apple fiber has been added to the structure of the treats, this is a completely natural and hypoallergenic addition. The treats were first air dried and then lightly smoked over beech wood, which makes these treats very unique and more attractive. They do not stick to the hands, for easy storage or to use during training. Also suitable for puppies and young dogs!


98% buffalo, 1.5% apple fiber, 0.5% minerals

Analytical constituents

52.6% crude protein, 29.4% crude fat, 6.8% crude ash, 2.9% crude fiber, 5.9% moisture


West Europe


Training treats buffalo is available in these packaging sizes:

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