A wide range of pure dried snacks,
that's Akyra!

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Beef achilles tendonBeef aortaBeef ears (EU)Beef ears (IN)Beef ears with coatBeef esophagusBeef heartBeef larynxBeef lipsBeef lips 30-40 cmBeef liverBeef lungBeef lung treatsBeef meatBeef meat stripsBeef noseBeef palateBeef pizzleBeef pizzle XLBeef sausagesBeef skinBeef skin 30 cmBeef skin with coatBeef tailBeef tendonsBeef tripeBeef tripe sausagesBeef udderBeef windpipeBeef windpipe XLBuffalo hornsCalf pizzleCubes beefCubes beef tripeSticks beefTraining treats beefTraining treats buffaloVeal bladder completeVeal bladder twistedVeal hoovesVeal ribsVeal ribs singleVeal shankVeal tendon twistedCamel esophagusCamel liverCamel lungCamel meatCamel skinCamel tripesCamel windpipeChicken breast filletsChicken feetChicken feet puffedChicken gizzardsChicken heartsChicken necksChicken nuggetsChicken treats miniChicken wingsCubes poultrySticks chickenWorstjes gevogelteCubes duckDuck feetDuck gizzardsDuck meat stripsDuck necksDuck wingsSticks duckTraining treats duckCatfish skinCatsharkCod filletCod skinHorse mackerelLarge shrimpsPlaiceSalmon skinSmeltSoleSpratsSticks salmonSticks sea bassTraining treats salmonWhitefish filletCubes goatGoat earsGoat meat stripsSticks goatTraining treats goatGoose meat stripsGoose necksCubes horseHorse ears with coatHorse esophagusHorse heartHorse intestineHorse liverHorse lungHorse lung cubesHorse meatHorse meat stripsHorse pizzleHorse pizzle XLHorse sausagesHorse skinHorse skin with coatHorse skin XLHorse stomachHorse windpipeTraining treats horseKangaroo meat stripsTraining treats kangarooCubes lambLamb earsLamb lungLamb lung cubesLamb lung treatsLamb meat stripsLamb pizzleLamb sausagesLamb skinLamb tripeLamb windpipeSticks lambTraining treats lambOstrich intestineOstrich meatOstrich stomachOstrich tendonTraining treats ostrichPheasant meat stripsCubes rabbitHare meat stripsRabbit earsRabbit ears with coatRabbit feet with coatRabbit meat stripsRabbit skin with coatSticks rabbitCubes wildDeer earsDeer heartDeer lung cubesDeer meatDeer skinDeer tendonsDeer tendons XLDeer windpipe (EU)Sticks venisonTraining treats wildVenison meat stripsTraining treats turkeyTurkey heartsTurkey meat stripsTurkey necksTurkey treats

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